Finding Mastiff Puppies for Sale

So you've decided that those loyal mastiffs are the dog for you. Congratulations! You're ready to welcome that giant puppy into your home right away.

Now comes the big question: where do you find a purebred mastiff puppy to call your very own?

You can try a local search. You never know… a mastiff breeder may live in your community, which would be ideal. But if there isn't, don't be afraid to contact a breeder that is farther away. In order to get a healthy dog, it is worth the effort to travel.

Visit a couple of dog shows and watch the mastiff classes. This is a good place to find breeders or get recommendations from exhibitors. Don't be shy. Dog people love to talk about their breeds, and mastiff people are no different. They'll steer you in the right direction.

Mastiff fans love their breed, and they will be more than happy to help you learn more about them. Since they show mastiffs, they obviously know what it takes to raise, train and live with one. They also have a vested interest in promoting the best specimens of the breed as possible. You can rely on mastiff owners to let you know up front who is reputable and who isn't. You'll probably collect several business cards. Contact the breeders you learn about. Email them, phone them. Get to know them. Talking to them makes no commitment on your part… you're learning about the breed.

Why talk to all these breeders? Well, you'll get a gut feeling about a breeder's dedication to the breed and about their ethics as a breeder. It's okay if you're not sure what to ask or what you're looking for, just talk to them and listen. Your gut will tell you when you've found a person you feel comfortable getting a puppy from.

If the breeder seems too hooked on the value of the dog rather than the dog itself, maybe you should look for a breeder that has more commitment to the animals. On the other hand, if the breeder you are talking to can't stop telling you about how wonderful the pups are, the history of this bloodline, what awards the parents have won… well, you may have found a breeder who is really dedicated to their dogs. Share your fears and doubts… how the breeder answers will give you clues about how reputable he is as well.

Call as many breeders as you feel is necessary. Call more than once if you have more questions. This is a big decision, so take your time and research. Meet the breeder you decide upon. Be prepared… they'll probably have as many questions for you as you have for them. This is a good sign that you've found a reputable breeder.

Here are a few tips on getting the most from this conversation. You'll want to know how long they have been breeding dogs in general, and mastiffs in particular. Why do they like the breed? Are his dogs show dogs or pets? Don't forget to ask about health issues that may be likely to crop up in the breed. Every breed has a few that they are prone to, it is good to get a breeder's perspective on this and what he has seen in his own dogs. What does the breeder think is the single most important characteristic for a mastiff? Don't get upset if he has a few questions for you. The sign of a good breeder is that he cares what happens to his dogs. He's asking you questions to see if you will be a good home for one of his babies.

Don't be offended by the number of questions the breeder asks you – or even by the nature of some them. He's asking because he just cares that much for his mastiffs – and that's always a good sign.

As you are choosing breeders, don't limit yourself to just one. Keep a list of several that you liked, and list them in order of preference. Some may have longer waiting periods than others, or you may have to wait until other interested parties have selected their puppy. While it is hard to wait instead of taking your puppy home now, being on a waiting list is actually a sign that you've chosen a good breeder with a good reputation. If you think the wait is terribly long, you can always choose another breeder further down your list.

At long last, the puppies are ready for you to see! Your puppy will probably be eight to ten weeks old by the time you get to see him for the first time. You'll easily be able to see the personalities by this age. This is also a good age to see how they will interact with you and your family members.

What? They weren't going to come with you? How could you deny the rest of your family the delight of going to see puppies? Choosing the right puppy for your family should be a family decision, and they should all be able to take part in making it.

You should choose a puppy that will reflect what attracted you to the mastiff breed in the beginning. If you want to show your dog or breed him when he's older, it is very important to get a pup who meets all the breed requirements.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a pet rather than a show dog, meeting the breed standard isn't quite so important. It is more important that you are choosing the pup that wins the heart of everyone in the family.

All that's left now is to finalize all the arrangements, pay for your puppy, and take him home. Depending on the age of your puppy, you may not be able to take him home when you pick him out of the litter. But don't be disappointed if that is the case. You've waited this long, right? This will give you time to puppy proof the house.

And then just enjoy the newest member of your family!

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