Finding the Right Mastiff Kennels

No matter what breed of dog you own, if you are going on vacation and leaving your dog in the care of a kennel, you want to know he is well taken care of. If you own a Mastiff, you may be even more concerned. You will need to know ahead of time that the kennel you choose has staff that are experienced with Mastiffs so your pet will get the best of care. You want to be certain that you can find a good Mastiff kennel.

Every boarding kennel is different. Not every dog fits into every kennel. Owning a Mastiff, you will have to be more diligent in finding one that is equipped with the right personality and the right facilities that will please both yourself and your dog.

As a breed known for its guarding skills, your Mastiff will continue to guard his new space at the boarding kennel. This may be rather stressful for him, since he will be in contact with a lot of new people and dogs during his stay. Just like many other dogs, your Mastiff would prefer not to be put into this situation, but sometimes it is unavoidable. He may become stressed due to continually guarding his new territory from all the new people.

By choosing your kennel carefully, you will do the best you can to ensure your Mastiff comes out of the boarding experience unscathed. Between separation anxiety and stress from all the new faces, it can be a very difficult experience for your Mastiff.

Before you make any decisions, ask if the staff has had any experience boarding Mastiffs. If they haven't, keep looking. Mastiffs are very special, and if they've never worked with one before, your dog is not the one they should learn on. If you find a kennel that is familiar with the breed, it is time to pay a visit to check it out.

Ask before you make arrangements if the staff has experience boarding Mastiffs. If the staff has never boarded one of these very special dogs before, you need to keep looking. When you find one who knows about Mastiffs, then it's time to visit it.

The kennel should be clean. Not only should it look clean, but it should smell clean. Look at the bedding. Is it clean? Does it look comfortable for your pet? All sleeping areas should be dry and draft-free.

Ask that your Mastiff has outdoor access during the day. The water should be changed daily and should be refilled as needed so your dog has access to a full water bowl at all times.

What is their feeding schedule? Ideally, you would want one as similar to the one you use at home as possible.

Ask how much they know about their boarders. Is everyone on the staff generally experienced with dogs? While it may not be possible to have a full staff of experts, they should all love dogs and have some kind of knowledge of dogs in general.

Like any other part of his training, if you begin boarding your Mastiff as a pup he'll become accustomed to the kennel environment. If you use the same kennel each time, it is even better. He'll get to know the staff, they'll get to know your dog, and your dog won't feel like he needs to be on guard constantly.

You may want to think about a "trial boarding." Have your Mastiff spend the day at the kennel while you're at home. This way, you can find out if he is too stressed out, or if he is fine with the arrangement. You can pick him up if there are any problems. You can also find out how the staff treats your dog. This way, you'll know you can trust the kennel and you won't worry when you need to go out of town.

Mastiffs need a lot of attention. It is part of the charm of the breed. It is what endears him to your heart. Don't skimp on a kennel. Put the time and energy into finding your dog a safe place to stay that understands the Mastiff personality and will tend to his needs appropriately.

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