Mastiff Rescue Helps Gentle Giants

It is very unfortunate when Mastiff dogs are abandoned or abused. They are really just gentle giants who crave companionship. They can make great dogs. Fortunately, there are people who love this dog breed, and care enough to establish Mastiff Rescue locations, where those dogs who have been found as strays, abused and neglected, or abandoned because their owners realized they could not care for them, can be taken.

The goal of most Mastiff rescue locations is to find a new, loving, permanent place for these neglected pups to live. And this is the work they are dedicated to doing. Some rescue locations accept all types of Mastiff breeds, while others specialize in a particular Mastiff such as English Mastiffs or Neapolitan Mastiffs. The number of Mastiff dogs and puppies needing to be rescued seems to be rising.

These large dogs have been found abandoned at various types of locations such as pet motels, on the streets, and some even dropped off at shelters. Sometimes these rescue dogs show signs of severe neglect and/or abuse. They often suffer from malnutrition, and are not the strong, muscular and majestic dog breed they are meant to be because of it. The care and keeping of a Mastiff dog may be more than a person expected, and the owner may have to resort to a rescue when the owner finds that he can no longer provide a home for his Mastiff pet.

A trip to a veterinarian, for a complete physical and medical check-up, is usually the first order of business when a new dog is received at a rescue. They are given any necessary vaccinations. The sometimes will include being spayed or neutered. The dog rescue will do their best to obtain the Mastiff's history, as this will help in their rehabilitation and care. The Mastiff breed is prone to certain health problems, so they will most certainly be checked in these areas of concern.

Most Mastiff rescue organizations are non-profit, and are run by caring volunteers who are willing to give of their time, their money, their homes, and their emotions to help bring these gentle, majestic dogs back to their best physical state. The costs of Mastiff rehab can be substantial, especially if they are ill because of neglect or mistreatment. For this reason, as with any animal rescue facility, donations are very much appreciated. If you love these dogs, and can't spare your time, a financial donation can help put a happy, rehabilitated Mastiff dog with a loving family.

If you find yourself in the position where you can no longer care for a Mastiff dog, please surrender your pet at a Mastiff rescue, where he can be properly cared for and adopted out with the proper records. They work hard to find loving owners. If you are thinking about owning a Mastiff yourself, please consider adopting a rescued Mastiff as your life long friend.











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